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DNS Setup for subdomain, 2 hosting companies, AWS hosted zone

Seems like you need to add as a hosted zone in route53, not
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Setting up DMARC and DKIM for subdomains not hosted on the same server as the main domain

The subdomains may be hosted on server B, but DNS records are stored on the server where the nameservers are pointing. So you should be setting them up on Server A.
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What is the purpose of ww1 prefixes on some domains

It's just a naming convention. One of my healthcare providers has their secure portal on a ww1 subdomain. While a compromised site might very well be sitting on a subdomain like this, there is no ...
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What is the purpose of ww1 prefixes on some domains

I tried going to a website and was automatically redirected to Sedo, a domain hosting website. I am very oblivious to a lot of things concerning web security, but was able to notice that even typing ...
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