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You are correct that changing the NS records to Infinityfree would have them manage the DNS records. You can use GoDaddy as your DNS host, but it isn't recommended and has some caveats. InfinityFree has instructions here. InfinityFree advises that they may change the IP address of your website occasionally without prior notice. They update their own DNS ...


You need a DNS on your host to resolve domain names (and sub-domains). When some one try to access "", your DNS that handle "" send you IP of, now you must refer to DNS on that IP, and ask for IP of "". For your IP-base case (with no domain and sub domain) it is useless. But in Domain-Base case,...


You might want to look at the Internet Archive, also known as the "way back machine". You can find it at It's not Bing specific, but it does grab snapshots of websites and archive them over time. You can use it to compare two different snapshot dates and then you'll have an idea of the date range changes occurred in.

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