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It absolutely depends on their policy. Generally those that aim for a certain market of non-tech savvy users do offer a plan with little controls and then charge for mundane things like MX records. I've even had one ask for money to activate the 'firewall'! This is not common practice for more reputable places and most - even very cheap solutions - will ...


That is not normal procedure and sounds like a rip-off from what you have described.. Some registrars charge a premium for full DNS, however not for providing information or basic DNS service. Why not just change your registrar and DNS to Namecheap and be done with it?


I'm the author of an open source contact form that can be used on websites. Here is what I do to allow my webservers to send email to my domain and pass all spam checks: Contact form configuration: The contact form should be configured to only send to a preconfigured email address or list of email addresses at your domain. If your contact form allows ...

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