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What URL am I supposed to use in <video:player_loc> for my sitemap when adding a YouTube video?

According to the Google Search documentation, the <video:player_loc> tag should be used for Youtube's videos. Here's an example taken from our blog's sitemap: <url> <loc>https://...
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Why does google keep deleting URLs from https in search console

That report only includes examples of pages. i.e. it is a sample of all your https pages. So nothing to worry about if it does not list a specific page you are interested in.
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How to show my website on Google Search as instead of

Google Search has not been subject to competitive evolutionary pressures for many years now (because the initial performance of their Page Rank technology was superior to existing engines), so they ...
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Change search URL indexing from www to non-www

You can set up a canonical link to point to the non-www one. Even then its a suggestion from you and Google may do its own thing. Canonical A canonical URL is the URL of the best representative page ...
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