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You basically just need to remove the /de/.htaccess file altogether!*1 Your root .htaccess already performs the necessary redirects. (*1 Or remove all the directives and keep the ErrorDocument directive if you need a separate language-specific 404 file. But see the note below regarding the format of the ErrorDocument directive.) The RewriteRule ^index\....


you need to add your domain to work with the www. you need to add the CNAME where it says name put WWW and where it says value(pointing) put @ . that should do the trick


The HTTPS version displays the security warning of course (as there is no SSL certificate) and then a 404 if you go past that. If you get a "security warning" that you are able to bypass then the server is listening on port 443 and there is a security certificate installed but for a different domain/hostname. When you bypass this invalid certificate then ...

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