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Could meta http-equiv origin-trial be hacked content?

If you didn't add this to your website, then somebody else did...and it's not Googlebot. Origin trials are something you intentionally register for to test new Chrome features. Here's a link to ...
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Risk-benefit of cleaning up thousands of "Alternate page with proper canonical tag"?

Since the site ranks, and you don't describe any indexing issues here, it sounds to me like Google has correctly read between the lines and figured it out, despite whatever you have going on the back ...
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SEO management in Google Search Console for a non-english version of a website

Search Console will look at all the URLs branching from the root. I'm not sure that adding a specific URL within the same domain would achieve anything.
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Can Non Inclusive Language Cause Deindexing?

Judging from when your drop happened, you were affected by Google's March 2023 core update. You aren't the only one who was affected by this, many sites were and there were a lot of complaints that ...
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Best way to test search results non personalized results

This is an old question, but it still shows up in search. Because OP mentioned VPN in the comments, answering with an international twist. Try With I Search From you can ...
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Regarding Google Search Console report "Page Not Found"

Not all 404 errors in GSC are caused by links from pages on your site. If you click on the magnifying glass icon next to these 404 errors, AKA "Inspect URL", it will give you the source for ...
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Google discovers my URL in sitemap-image.xml not sitemap.xml

Google doesn't use sitemap for ranking. You need internal or external links to all your pages. A good start is to have one (or more) sitemap pages (an html page that is visible to users) and make it ...
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