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If you post your actual loaded canonical tag I can help further or confirm any issues. This is a more complex issue with many possible issues. But I just fixed a critical canonical issue with my own site and thought I'd post it for others. I had been making my home page cannon URL like so: <link rel="canonical" href="


Him first of all you need to be positioned with Google WebMaster Tools. Some Information needs several days to be shown the first time and also updates take quite long. Additionally, you cannot force Google to Index pages faster from a sitemap, but if you want one or two pages to be indexed (or crawled at least) there is a menu for this. You can give GWT a ...


If you aren't able to detect the CLS issue using lab tools, then the issue is likely the results of user interactions or device/network combinations that you might be aware are common. I wrote a guide, Debugging Web Vitals in the field that explains how to use your analytics tool to detect what could be causing the CLS issue with your field data. I also gave ...


My XML did result valid when passed thru Google told me as in initial post above seen: Invalid URL - 2 instances. Google went on bragging that the errors happen at Row 1 and presented empty examples. This actually just means that anywhere inside your XML file, be it row one or 50k, you have an empty loc ...


Give Google some time to reindex all the pages. Meanwhile you can "force" indexing with a service like this.


Google can still index based on links to these pages. Below is a passage from Google support: ( The page was indexed, despite being blocked by your website's robots.txt file. Google always respects robots.txt, but this doesn't necessarily prevent indexing if someone else links to your page. Google ...


I was encouraged in the comments to provide this as an answer: "Does Google publish anything to explain their criteria for reaching an UNCOMMON verdict?" Not that I was able to find. Their criteria appear to be proprietary and opaque, and are applied on Google servers where we are unable to inspect or control them. "What can we do at the ...


There was a google statement, sorry cannot find link that suggest to list only 1 page of website in top 10 results. But I have seen multiple websites with multiple results on a single search term. Best solution for you here to make good authority of both pages and make sure both have almost higher value addition to then other pages on that page.

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