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Okay, here's my experience, though not scientific. I don't have a site that has Expertise, Authority or Trust as it relates to the medical field, so I have no E.A.T. credibility as it relates to the current pandemic. I wrote a blog post relating the virus to my industry. Nothing serious, more of a humorous story about the lengths some people are going ...


E.A.T. is going to be the most important factor in COVID-related content. If you're not a research institution or an established medical journal or top news provider, you're going to have a much harder time ranking. (Which, sorry, is a good thing). For content categorized as news, recency is a ranking factor. "Urgency" is not.


Server errors (5xx) mean that when the Googlebot tried to crawl those pages, they were unavailable (server was offline, too slow, etc) AT THE TIME MENTIONED; if you tested the live URLs at a later time, it can be that the reason for the server error wasn't present anymore and those pages should be crawled next time Google visits your website (as you ...


This exact bug is being reported by others in the Google webmaster forum. It may be an actual bug & you might want to report it there.

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