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What are the best ways to improve a site's position in Google?

First off, content is king! Google loves fresh, relevant, and high-quality content. Regularly update your site with valuable information that resonates with your audience. Use bold and engaging ...
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Incorrect rendering of site name under google videos

When you do a search for 'Ropes & Gray' in Google Video search, the first item that pops up is the hero video on the homepage. This item is correctly showing the '&' rather than the html ...
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Does a site's bounce rate influence Google rankings?

Late 2023 Further reading for those who still come here: How Google May Identify Navigational Queries and Resources is a blog post by Bill Slawski who takes apart and analyses patent filings of ...
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Is it possible to make your website to be searchable with specific keywords?

NO. Webmasters can't definitively do anything to force Googles search to behave a certain way. The best they can do is follow best practices for the moment and provide data optimized in a way that ...
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