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Webmaster Tools page inspection failed

The error states that it is not getting a 301 redirect, but instead a 4xx (probably 404). Check your page headers to understand what is your page actually sending (you can use your browsers' ...
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Are there security issues with using wwwizer solution to redirect to root domain?

If your provider really did recommend you point to another domain using a CNAME you should change providers as they are not competent. This can not work, and is a breach of RFC2181 ...
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DNS record for permanent redirect?

No, there is no way to do a http-redirect from DNS directly. DNS can only resolve DNS names to IPs, it cannot issue http directives. However, it is possible to use a combination of DNS CNAME entries ...
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Can I undo a domain level 301 redirect? It's causing a slight traffic drop

If the 301 redirects are working as they are supposed to you should leave them alone. Whenever you do a redirect you may loose a bit of Google juice - that is normal. Once Google has your target ...
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