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What's the correct way to forward a HTTPS connection?

To resolve this issue set up a new VirtualHost for each subdomain ( and with SSL certificates. Create VirtualHost configuration file for <...
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How may I do a redirect where the page it {redirected to} shows the URL it {redirected from} to the user?

Normally with Apache, you can instruct it to deliver a custom 404 page and show a friendly message to the user. Edit your .htaccess or httpd.conf file and add: ErrorDocument 404 /error404.html ...
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Redirect domain keeping query string

If Godaddy supports PHP - which I would assume they do, and if you are keeping the old domain - you could write a basic script on the old website that handles the redirection, including the query ...
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Redirecting domains on https without creating a certificate for them?

Stephen is correct in saying you MUST have a SSL certificate to redirect an HTTPS request. But you don't need a certificate for each site. If they are all in the same zone ("example" in your ...
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Why does Chrome think that my website is HTTPS?

Chrome connects to HTTPS first Chrome tries to connect to the secured 443 port first. It gets the public certificate and then validates the certificate against a domain authority, (the site that gave ...
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Why does Chrome think that my website is HTTPS?

How is it that my router is just a not-secure http website, but the web site I've built is a failed https web site? My website host (using nginx) returns a SSL certificate for the host. It is not ...
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Why does Chrome think that my website is HTTPS?

Chrome (like other browsers) now defaults to https. Better Security When Using HTTPS As announced on the Chromium Blog, Chrome's address bar will use https:// by default. This will be available from ...
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How can I redirect a PDF to home page?

Place a new .htaccess file in the root of your documents folder within your web server or edit the existing one if you already created one. For each PDF file, place a line in the .htaccess file with ...
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