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Does Google Workspace rely on A records in DNS for anything else apart from bare domain redirect?

I have changed the A records on the apex. Workspaces hadn’t shown any error message so far, and Gmail integration appears to keep working (a couple emails went through since). Open for more ...
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Replacing A records with CNAME and limiting downtime

A and CNAME records for the same subdomain will conflict with each other, so you'll have to remove the A record before adding the CNAME record. This should cause minimal downtime, though if the A ...
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How to update DNS records and not affect mail exchange? Migrating web domains

First, I'm assuming that when you say your email broke, you mean the sending/receiving emails not necessarily your email client. Next, the primary DNS record that impacts your mail is the MX record. ...
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Managing DNS Configuration for Custom Domains in React/Node Ecommerce Platform

What DNS configurations are necessary for users who want to use their custom domains ( for their stores? For an apex domain (with no www or other subdomain) your users will need to have an ...
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Domain activation failed on aws amplify

Figured out it is because when adding the CNAME to enable the https, I missed the ending period in the name. Now. my custom domain is available. But it still doesn't work, it says 404.
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Combining TLD and SLD for SEO

Neither of them is going to to well in Google. Google treats almost all country code domains as local to that country. Google doesn't usually show sites under country code domains outside that ...
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Combining TLD and SLD for SEO

We should not second-guess what search engines do. They can change what they do all the time. What you should be aiming for is a good experience for your visitors. That means good content, something ...
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ANAME record not accepted

you can use aws globalaccelerator with ELB,if you used elb with globalaccelerator,you can get two static ip address.
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