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DNS Setup for subdomain, 2 hosting companies, AWS hosted zone

Seems like you need to add as a hosted zone in route53, not
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Access website using hosts due to expired domain

I seem to have fixed the problem by disabling secure DNS on Chrome Settings >>> Privacy and Security >>> Security >>> Use Secure DNS This is apparently not allowing the ...
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Setting up local DNS server for subdomain of existing domain for iPhone

So I found out I only had a NS entry but no A entry for my root subdomain. In order to get it work I needed to add an entry like this Name Type TTL Information A 86400 192.168.0....
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Google sites has security certificate for the www subdomain but not for the domain apex

The security is working fine, you do not need your own certificate. But the certificate already installed is for and not for You need to have a ...
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Nameserver does not advertise itself as nameserver

I know this is too old, but what i am about to say might help someone in the future: The solution to this problem "Nameserver does not advertise itself as nameserver" You must create cpanel ...
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How can I check if Cloudflare is active on my website and enable abuse content protection?

Going to add this a disclaimer here: As with all answers, do not take my answer at face-value. These are just some of my experiences with Cloudflare and other providers. However, Cloudflare does have ...
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