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Is it possible to change website hosting away from Wix with a domain registered at GoDaddy?

The good news is that you can easily point your domain name to any hosting company you want. The bad news is that Wix has no site export functionality. You will need to rebuild your site on some other ...
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Multilingual Wordpress site restructuring, advice needed

For two versions of the website and content in different languages, you need to use the hreflang tag to signal to Google there's an alternate version of this page in a different language. You can ...
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migrate domain-name and hosting from google-sites to wordpress

There are lots of options in what you are asking, I am going to give you a general idea. Your first step is to get some hosting. It could either be WordPress specific or general shared hosting on ...
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Does changing from a .com website to hurt SEO?

The .au will not give you a disadvantage in searching, but you will rank lower internationally and higher in Australia. Google is clear that “keywords in a TLD [i.e. domain ending] do not give any ...
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