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Best SEO sensible way of forwarding user when clicking an rel="shortlink"

For humans, this is ok. If you want the shortlinks to have the maximum impact on SEO, a 301 redirect would be ideal. The 301 would have to be sent directly in the HTTP header when the shortlink is ...
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is or a valid url?

Its a simple matter of googling it. It is valid. And Taken
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Are singular or plural categories in a blog better for SEO?

Unless you look at trend reports in your SEO software and see that for some reason, either the plural or the singular is getting more traction, specifically in your niche, it won't mater for SEO if ...
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Should the URL for an article or post contain the category for SEO?

Overall, URLs are a very small signal for SEO. You have the potential to have good SEO regardless of whether or not you put the category into the URL. There are many possible good URL structures for ...
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Why isn't iframe designed to be able to load only a certain element of another website?

Your question is unclear. When you are loading an iframe (you should avoid doing this to the extent possible) you are embedding a site which is likely not in your control [ because if it were you ...
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