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On Google Analytics 4, can I create Custom Dimensions & Metris at the account level?

I have an account with 3 properties. They all will use the same custom dimensions & custom metrics. Can I set those at the account level? Or will I have to replicate the same settings for each one ...
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How to show sessions as count and percentage at the same time in Google Analytics

I'm setting up a monthly dashboard report in Google Analytics and I'm finding the default metrics to be a little limited as far as what we want to see. I think I can make it work with some ...
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Domain Authority and Page Authority staying on 1

For some reason, my DA and PA of my website ( are 1, according to: When I try ...
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Google Analytics - Comparing transactions vs page metrics

Is it possible to compare ecommerce transactions (eg product performance) vs page metrics, like average amount of time on page, page views, pages per session, etc? I'm trying to find out things like ...
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Does Excluding Internal Traffic Also Filter out Referral Traffic in GA

We are excluding internal traffic from Google Analytics on our site. The question is, does it also exclude referral traffic if one of our team members, for example, visits our site from an external ...
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Why is session count shown rather than using count when requesting ga:users through the Google Analytics API?

I requested data thru the Google Analytics API with the following parameters: start date: 2016-06-14 end date: 2016-06-14 metrics: ga:users dimensions: ga:dateHour But looks like the result I get ...
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Measuring if I actually need to put my images in to a CDN?

I am currently evaluating adding CDN capability to our website. I know however I do not want to go through the effort, or pay the cost associated unless I can measure the improvements. So therefore, I ...
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Google Analytics - Problem with custom variable - Data look not precise

I use a custom variable to store the username of who is visiting my site. So I access the custom variable report to list all the values of a custom variable, and have a look at the whole list of ...
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Total number of unique visitors Google Analytics report not correct?

If I download the numbers of unique visitors per day over a certain period and total them the result doesn't match with the total value in the report. Why? The numbers in the export file agree with ...
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Is it possible to show AWS CloudWatch metrics graphs on your own dashboard webpage?

Is it possible to show AWS CloudWatch metrics graphs on your own dashboard webpage? It would save the hassle of logging into the AWS console when something weird is going on.
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Using Analytics and URL forwarding to count conversion rate in emails

Google analytics offers the nice feature of letting one know, where a user is coming from. We are currently sending out emails containing links to our website and I would like to know how many ...
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Social media measurement with Google Analytics

I work for a non profit and we are currently trying to develop a system to measure and evaluate our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). We would like to track a variety of social metrics, ...
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1 answer

Does the calculation of time on page include the pageview of the exit page?

My question revolves around average time on page and how Google Analytics calculates this metric. I will provide an example to illustrate my question. I viewed 3 pages then exited. page one view ...
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Yandex.Metrica: can I redirect from /favicon.ico to the 1×1 gif counter?

I have a very simple site, with no graphics, and I don't want to spoil it with a huge JavaScript monitoring loop. I don't have a favicon.ico, and I always see 404 requests from browsers requesting ...
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Server comparisons - Comparing servers based on their specs

We are busy creating a server hierarchy manager (possibly not the greatest name). What this is intended to do is determine which of our servers is the best for doing work. We have identified the ...
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Why would Unique Visitors and Unique Visitors (All Visits) be different in Google Analytics?

The Unique Visitors metric on the Google Analytics home dashboard is showing different values to when 'All Visitors' is selected as an advanced segment of Unique Visitors. My understanding is that ...
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Google Analytics > Engagement > Duration - Make Custom Times

I need to find the following metrics. How many users stayed for 2 seconds, how many stayed for 5 seconds, how many stayed for 10 seconds. On Google Analytics they have something very similar but it ...
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What's the deal with URLs for Yandex.Metrica not prepended with "http"?

The description of Yandex.Metrica explicitly says that URLs like // (no http: in front) that the web site owner has to insert into his pages are not erroneous. So for ...
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Conversion on new and returning visitors

I was looking to do a quick comparison of conversion rates between new and returning visitors using Google Analytics. I can seem to get this working fine by using the dimensions "date" and "visitor ...
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Metrics on Potential Website Overhaul

We are considering a drastic overhaul of our 5+ year old site - UI, structure, content, SEO, backend, etc. We are not ecommerce, we generate leads for a high cost product. We're aware of the obvious ...
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Which analytics solution would you recommend?

I'm working on enhancing several applications at work, and thought of installing an analytics solution to track user behavior and collect some metrics. The problem is our company is a bit sensitive ...
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Need metrics for expectations/targets

After our relaunch, we are wanting to find some standard metrics for our first year of performance. We can compare our numbers to last year and set our targets and expectations, but we would like to ...
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How does quantcast determine values in metrics like "percent of site visitors with a master's degree"?

I recently started using Quantcast on my site to determine my audience (which, really the site is so small now that I already know). When I look at some of the metrics on Quantcast, I see gender, ...
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How many keystrokes would be saved per day, if every site dropped the 'www.' part of their site?

Just curious... Not sure how many domains are actually visited directly like that - I'm guessing it would be impossible to know exactly - but what would be a rough estimate?
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If a page takes too long to load, after how long will a user give up and re-load or go elsewhere?

If a page takes too long to load, after how long – generally – will a user give up and re-load or go elsewhere? What studies have been done that measured page load time and user ...
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How much attention should I pay to page-load metrics?

My site scores a D in YSlow. How important is it that I get it up to say a B or an A? I feel the page already loads quickly. I tested it at home on a modest 512k connection and it loaded in an ...
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