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`<link rel="dns-prefetch">` is used to reduce DNS lookup time by pre-resolving at the browser.

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Preconnect domain for all images in page, not just first image

I use leaflet to display a map made of about 12 maptiles, that come from 4 Stamen subdomains, only differing with -a, -b, -c and -d middle part endings : etc So as to ...
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Should I use DNS prefetch and preconnect when loading resources from CDN?

In my web page I load around 12 resources from jsdelivr (CSS and JS). Should I optimize it with one (or both) of following techniques? If yes, should I put the tags right before loading tags or at the ...
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rel="dns-prefetch" / rel="preconnect" vs far-future expiry headers...?

I've always been a big fan of far-futures expiry headers. First time visit on my site's homepage results in 40 HTTP requests, but a subsequent visit comes in at 1, with a response as snappy as you'd ...
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Should I dns-prefetch all Google Ads domains?

On our website, we dns-prefetch our domains (static files, subdomains, etc) as they may not be known. 1) Does it make sense to dns-prefetch Google Ads or Analytics domains as they are popular? 2) If ...
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dns-prefetch: Best practice for many resources

I made a list of all domains that resources on my site may use. How do I add the link-tags for dns-prefetch for best practice? 1) Can I simplify life and output them all on every page? How painful ...
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Should <link ref="dns-prefetch"> tag be placed as high as possible in <head> website?

I'm implementing the new dns-prefetch tag for my web application and I wonder where I should place it in the <head> tag? Should I place it as the first tag in <head> so that browser ...
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SEO and other impacts of using rel="dns-prefetch"

I recently came across a site that had the following code: <link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//"> In looking it up it says it is used to Reduce DNS lookup time by pre-...
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