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Why are Semrush and Ahrefs reporting 403 forbidden on FontAwesome Kits, despite crossorigin?

Having authorized my domain from within Font Awesome kit, and included crossorigin attribute in both my link and script tags as below, both ahrefs and semrush crawl reports continue to give me the ...
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How to track what causes high CPU usage on linux server?

I am running a normal Joomla website on Godaddy's ultimate hosting plan. There is only one site under this plan. From time to time, my website will be down and giving "refuse to connect" ...
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Should I use DNS prefetch and preconnect when loading resources from CDN?

In my web page I load around 12 resources from jsdelivr (CSS and JS). Should I optimize it with one (or both) of following techniques? If yes, should I put the tags right before loading tags or at the ...
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Can I use resource transparent images commercially as a resource to my SAAS, which I scraped from a website? [closed]

I want to develop a product image editing SAAS, which will let the users select a product and edit the image and download with following steps: Select the product Load the transparent mockup image of ...
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Google Search Console reports "Not all page resources could be loaded" when using embedded Youtube videos

I have a blog but I got a message from Google Console: Page partially loaded Not all page resources could be loaded. This can affect how Google sees and understands your page. Fix availability ...
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Why does CPanel show I/O faults when the site has low utilization?

I'm on a shared host and according to stats I'm not close to the limits, yet the resource usage stats show I/O faults: Why are those fault lines there when the usage is well below the red limit?
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How to calculate the specifications of the hosting service that I need?

When shopping for hosting services, each plan has a different specification. This is one example plan: 1 Core CPU 3 GB RAM 300.000 inodes 30 Entry Processes 30 MB/s I/O 5120 IOPS How do I calculate ...
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After rewriting RoundCube URLs, CSS, JS, and image resource links are broken

What I'd like to do is that I want to make nice URLs for my roundcube pages with .htaccess. For example: RewriteRule ^latest/$ index.php?_action=news&type=latest [NC,L] If I go to this ...
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Website downloading resources Multiple times, unecessarily

I have a couple of website projects that I am currently working on as a learning exercise & Have noticed in the developer tools that at least two of my projects are Downloading resources Multiple ...
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What does it mean when Google Search Console URL inspection says resources don't load due to "other error"? [duplicate]

I'm currently analysing some landing pages with the URL inspection tool of the Search Console, and most of them look to be not loaded (script and css). The main reason announced by Search Console is: ...
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Prevent Internet Explorer from loading external entities including w3 DTD

I am accessing a remote HTML resource that is returned after XSLT processing and has a header like so: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "
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Why is Chrome not allowing resources to load?

I have a web server, built into a device, sitting behind a firewall. The web server is on port 80, but many times port 80 is already in use by some other device. i.e. DVR. To access the server from ...
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Google mobile friendly test is reporting "resources not loading"

The google mobile friendly test conveniently shows resources that could not be loaded...but it says nothing regarding how to go about fixing them. I know this may be a broad question, but I'm just ...
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How to test a set of browser touch icons, favicons and tiles for a website?

Various browsers and devices have their own specifications and standards for the kinds of favicon-like icons they use to represent web pages. This answer on the graphic design site gives a pretty good ...
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Estimating Server Resources

I am planning on building a Wordpress multisite with a business and revenue model based on and As I am selecting the test and the production environment, how would I go ...
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can't remove blocks on my resources in google webmaster tools

I received an alert from Google Webmaster Tools a couple weeks ago that stated: "Google systems have recently detected an issue with your homepage that affects how well our algorithms render and ...
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Weirdly long requests in Chrome, but not in Safari

I have a Wordpress test installation built from the data of a preexisting site running on GoDaddy Shared Linux Hosting. Recently, I installed a new theme to test. I started noticing weirdly long ...
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What's the point of cross-origin resource sharing if there's a bunch of CORS proxies running?

I never really liked the direction CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) is taking. I think there's a misconception how client-server communication should work. The general concept is: User: Hello ...
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When webservers send a page, why don't they send all required CSS, JS, and images without being asked?

When a web page contains a single CSS file and an image, why do browsers and servers waste time with this traditional time-consuming route: browser sends an initial GET request for the webpage and ...
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How to allocate cPanel resources to customers

We are wanting to start offering hosting services to our customers with dedicated email and all those bells and whistles. We have the servers - both Windows and Linux. (Cloud Instances) The question:...
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Best to load external resources from third parties or from your own server? [closed]

What is the best way to load external resources in order to speed up performance for your users? Should one load for example jQuery from Google CDN through:
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How to find what is maxing out my entry processes?

My site has been going down due to the max number of Entry Processes being hit. Here's a screenshot from cPanel: Looking into the Resource Usage Details, I'm seeing I/O and Entry Processes max out as ...
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3 answers

Good tools to get all resources for a particular URL?

I'm looking for clues on which tool to use to see all the resources that a browser would load when going to a particular URL. This would be similar to the list seen in Chrome's Developer Tools -> ...
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Piwik Server Overhead

I am developing an intranet site on a Raspberry Pi and am interested in incorporating Piwik into my code. My question, however, is how much overhead impact there will be with the pi's CPU/RAM? Does ...
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Google Chrome audit: resources are explicitly non-cacheable?

If I run a Google Chrome audit on a site, it lists all CSS, PNG, JPG, JS files and even the main domain (i.e. under the heading: Leverage browser caching The following resources are ...
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CSS just for most basic HTML [closed]

I've read that my note system Wikidpad, which exports to very simple HTML, can use CSS ( The elements in the output are not more than basic headings, ...
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How do you track client sites' software?

I've got a bunch of clients, each using various applications, scripts, etc. and not all of those clients are necessarily "active" at any given moment. Some may be in current development, some may only ...
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How to best understand website design for those with a background in graphic design?

What are the best resources (i.e. tutorials, video keynotes, blog posts, etc) that best assist graphic designers understand the paradigm of website design? As a web designer, I'm really interested in ...
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What are the best resources for a graphic designer looking to get into web design?

A friend of mine is a very competent graphic designer who wants to expand their skills and get into web design (just the visual design, no coding). While some skills certainly transfer over, web ...
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Ideas for making money off a website

I'm considering acquiring a website that traffics close to 20k a month. It's currently unprofitable, but obviously I would need to change that to justify the cost. It's a support site for a framework ...
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What are sources of free/cheap stock photos? [closed]

Need photos for a website and the client has zero cash, What are sources of free stock photos? And how do I understand what the terms and conditions mean? UPDATE: Changed the title from "free" to "...
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URI design for many-to-many relationship: advice needed

I'm stuck designing URIs for a many-to-many relationship between users and other resources. Specifically I'm having difficulty predicting the consequences of different approaches. Given a resources ...
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What are some good feeds/blogs/twitter accounts to follow if I want to learn more about web development?

Who are some of the big names out there (besides Jeff Atwood/@codinghorror, of course) that I should be following as a resource if I want to stay on top of what's new as well commentary on what exists?...