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How did someone discover my new URL so fast?

I own a domain, and manage its DNS entries manually using I use IIS as my webserver, and it runs on an Azure server. I host several specific services there, and each is configured in IIS ...
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How do you use route 53 to perform a reverse dns lookup?

We are using Route53 to map domains to IP address. For example, if our website is , we use Route53 to setup mappings like: --> ...
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what does this means when trying to look up the domain name TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED?

I tried the official site and the domain name But failed with this result: No registry RDAP server was identified for this domain. Attempting lookup using WHOIS ...
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How do DNS servers get added to the DNS tree?

I recently decided to start researching the Domain Name System, and I was wondering. How does one get their DNS server onto the DNS Tree? From what I understand about unregistered domains, people make ...
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Google Site third party domain verification fails | The required DNS TXT record is propagated even then verification is failing

Similar question has been asked here and many other places. However, it doesn't match my issue exactly. I am first describing the situation with screenshots, then below it I mention my question and ...
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What SEO considerations and/or improvements (if any) are realized when "SVCB" DNS RRs are added?

The primary purpose of SVCB records is to decrease the time and complexity of the client lookup by providing the origin IP address directly rather than forcing the client to fetch the A/AAAA or CNAME ...
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.cf domains (Freenom) stopped working for half users

I have an issue that affects my websites which use .cf domains: Since three days ago, my website visitors started complaining that the websites don't load on their devices. After doing a survey, about ...
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Would a preconnection of DNS, TCP and TLS stay open after being used?

Google Developers says that Google Chrome closes a preconnection established with HTML code such as <link rel="preconnect" href=""> if the connection isn’t used within 10 ...
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For SEO which should I use faster performing A records, or can I use CNAME?

It occurs to me, that hosting a website on will result in duplicate, unnecessary DNS lookups if www is a CNAME and not an A(AAA) Record. If the CNAME points to another CNAME, things ...
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Server wait period after DNS lookup is way too slow

I'm trying to optimize the speed of my portfolio site as much as possible, which considering its a static website shouldn't take much. I'm using cloudflare to manage my DNS, DigitalOcean's droplet to ...
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What is the maximum practical TTL

I'm just curious to know what the maximum practical TTL value is for an A entry. Somewhere I found the TTL value can be as high as 99,999,999 seconds, about 3.1 years, but simply that would not be ...
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Default Webpage Not Showing Even After 72 Hours of DNS Update

Recently, I opened an unmanaged vps account with a2hosting. I have installed webuzo on my account to manage it. To proceed, I added an addon domain in my hosting account and updated the DNS entries ...
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Why does DNS lookup take more than 6 seconds?

I am running a photography website for my girlfriend, and currently trying to improve the site's loading speed. It is a photography website, and thus many images are loaded, which makes it a little ...
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Does domain aliasing affect performance or SEO?

I have checked my domain in It is showing the website is having two IPs (Aliasis) like 54.xx.xx.xx & 103.xx.xx.xx. Checked few popular websites and noticed ...
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About Nslookup Results

When I try to resolve and, I get localhost. and HM-DC-BS-BIG. results: nslookup Non-authoritative answer: name = ...
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What should be domain name A-record for VPS server's main domain?

While updating the child name servers of the main domain of my VPS server I mistakenly changed the A-records to the server's IP. Will that have any effect of the name servers? I found this question ...
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Should <link ref="dns-prefetch"> tag be placed as high as possible in <head> website?

I'm implementing the new dns-prefetch tag for my web application and I wonder where I should place it in the <head> tag? Should I place it as the first tag in <head> so that browser ...
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How to reduce DNS lookups?

It takes about 20-120 milliseconds for DNS (Domain Name System) to resolve IP address for a given hostname or domain name and the browser cannot do anything until the process is properly completed. ...
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