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How to reduce duplicate Anchor Texts when Sourcing/Citing Websites

I'm new to web-developement and SEO. I'm creating a news website that writes articles about the latest video-game news. On some articles I include the source at the bottom of the page: <a href=&...
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Domain Authority and anchor texts for link building strategy

I'm soon starting a link building campaign for a blog and I'm wondering how to choose the referring domains for the backlinks. Is the domain authority really the most important metric? Would you say ...
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Do I need to provide an accessible label for a link whose meaning cannot be derived from its content?

For example, let's say I have a link whose text, by itself, doesn't do a great job of explaining its meaning: <div>To complete your transaction, please click <a href="#">here<a>.<...
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Can a list of internal links be partly hidden in a scrolling container and repetitive anchor text removed without hurting SEO?

We are re-designing our home page and for some aesthetic reason deciding to make access to rest of our internal links (inside cards categories) by scrolling the cards and normally a portion of these ...
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Would a link pass link juice if it has anchor text of a URL but directs to a different site?

If the anchor text is www.site1.example but the link actually directs to www.random2.example, would link juice be passed in this instance to random2.example? For example: <a href="https://www....
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External link building using brand name anchor text

Monitoring my competitors show they build tons of external links. Many of these links consist of brand name anchor text. Is building links with brand name anchor text OK for SEO? Is it necessary to ...
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How do you use keywords in a link to a page without making the page containing the link start to rank for those keywords?

How do I write a good descriptive link, without ranking the linking page for the same keywords of the same article?
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What anchor text should I use to my site's home page from guest posts I write for other sites?

What terms do I back link to my home page of my site in the publication of links guest post on big and valid sites? Can we use our site brand as a keyword? For example, "google" word for address "www....
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