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Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will do in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Does Content on a Subdomain build Authority/PageRank on the Main Domain? [duplicate]

SEO Question: What is the best place to host a Blog on a website? is better for SEO than If we have a Blog at and a lot of people link to a popular post e.g: ...
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When a business closes, how to transfer the rankings and domain authority from its website to another?

We have two restaurants A & B, restaurant A is closing and we want all the traffic to redirect to restaurant B website. As restaurant B will offer some of the menu offered by A. Restaurant A has ...
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Do back links to a language subdirectory affect the rankings of all languages on the site?

Consider as the root of my French site and as the English version, and as the Arabic version. All language versions are generated manually (not IP-based ...
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Domain Authority and anchor texts for link building strategy

I'm soon starting a link building campaign for a blog and I'm wondering how to choose the referring domains for the backlinks. Is the domain authority really the most important metric? Would you say ...
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Moz DA spam hack - how it works?

I've seen couple websites that has High DA (50+) but when I analyze them on ahrefs it shows LOW DR and some links form google redirects from all domain extensions that belong to google. I do ...
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How useful are profile backlinks for SEO?

My own website is a tech blog. I want to increase the backlink profile and domain authority of my blog. In some of the articles I read, the importance of the profile backlink was mentioned. If I ...
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Do domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) rates and spam score contribute to SEO?

Do DA and PA ratios contribute to SEO? And if the spam score increases at these rates, will it cause any harm to my website?
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Will it be a high quality backlink when we get backlinks from two subdomains of a same domain?

My question is that will I get high quality backlinks if we get baclinks from two subdomains of a same domain. For example if there are two subdomains of a same domain - and ...
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Why would Google indexing improve without corresponding improvements in Moz domain authority?

My website started to be indexed immediately (faster than previously) after any type of content updates in the last 2 weeks. I interpret this as a rise in its domain authority (DA). However MOZ's DA ...
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Would there be any SEO risk if I link to some website with a high domain authority in exchange for traffic?

I have a website with a good domain authority (DA >70) and there's a website coming to me asking me to link to theirs, they have a good DA about 81. Is there any risk for me to link to them? They ...
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If my blog on the side has no traffic is it still contributing to my home page rank?

In other words, does my blog confer some domain authority to my website, despite the fact that it receives no traffic? Note that my rank is very good, so I'm just trying to determine why. My home page ...
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Subdomain Vs Subdirectory for different languages [duplicate]

We have a news site in English and what we are doing now is launching the new version of the same news site in different languages. These news sites are supposed to be linked to our parent news site ...
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Chrome Safety Warning lookalike-url

Our 3rd party subdomain website, is getting flagged by Chrome as a lookalike-url I have found no official documentation about this besides the Chrome flags to Enable it, (it was ...
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Why do we have to pay for web hosting rather than do it ourselves?

I am very unfamiliar with this concept, and have seen something's around the web that just don't make sense to me. I am curious as to how you can build your own website. Then host it on your own home ...
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How do some subdomains have the same domain authority as their main site?

I was wondering how can some sub domains have the same domain authority with main site? for have the same domain authority with but a blog made by like ...
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We are blocking bots, crawlers, spiders and scan tools in our servers. Can this affect DA (domain authority)?

I didn't know the concept of domain/page authority in SEO until 1 hour ago. We have been blocking bots, crawlers, spiders and scanners in general directly from Apache through ModSecurity rules (custom ...
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Moz website and Chrome toolbar show inconsistent values for my site's page and domain authority

My site page authority (PA) is 3 and domain authority (DA) is 9 on Moz bar Chrome extension. On their website, PA is 1 and DA is also 1. Which one is more accurate?
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