How do you write an internal link with parameters?

I have a stored query from external data and would like to link readers to the semantic internal object that stores the query. However the query is slow to open so I would like a link that will open the page on which the query is run to open in edit mode.

I tried to add &action=edit to the link to the internal object but it didn't open the page in edit mode.


Internal links with parameters are best written with the magic word fullurl, e.g. [{{fullurl:Page|action=edit}} edit Page].

If I understand correctly, you want to take an inline query (Ask) like

{{#ask: [[Category:City]] [[located in::Germany]]
  | limit=3

and get a link to its "edit query" panel. The easiest would be to add limit=0 and let the user click, otherwise you have to make the link yourself like


But if you want users to systematically customise your query, perhaps you're actually looking for an InputBox?

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