Is there a mediawiki extension that can distinguish between page versions?

I would like to run mediawiki for 3 kinds of user-rights:

  • editors (who can edit a page and see its latest version)
  • gatekeepers (who can define which versions are public)
  • readers (who see only the latest version of a page)

So e.g. a use case would be:

Precondition: Page1 has 3 versions: Version1, Version2, Version3 (Version3 is the most recent). Version1 has the attribute "public", but Version2 and Version3 do not.

Use Case 1. A reader requests Page1. The system shows Version1.

Use case 2. An editor requests Page1. The system shows Version3.

User case 3. A gatekeeper gives Version3 the "public" attribute. A reader requests Page1. The system shows Version3.

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Approved Revs is a MediaWiki extension that should do what you describe. Users with the approverevisions permission (i.e. gatekeepers) can approve revisions of a page that will be shown by default, and users with the viewlinktolatest permission (similar to editors) sees a link to the latest (not necessarily approved) revision.

If you want to be able to further make further configurations, you can use the Flagged Revisions extension, which is used on a number of Wikimedia projects. It uses the reviewer user right, which corresponds to gatekeeper, to approve individual edits. Take a look at Help:Extension:FlaggedRevs for help using the extension and the Flagged Revisions page on Meta-Wiki for how the extension is used on Wikipedia.


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