I run a website where the user is able to create a bespoke page from a template, which is published with a custom URL. For example:


Each of these URLs serve a templated page with custom content, depending upon the URL, but the overall design and layout is the same.

I would like to have the option to track traffic on these pages as a single entity within Google Analytics, that is combine all the data for these pages together when I need to view the overall effectiveness of the page.

Is there a way I can mark these pages to achieve this?

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You can do it by using Content Grouping.

You create Content Groupings at the view level by going to: Admin -> View> -> Content Grouping.

As covered here:

You have three options for how you assign content:

  • Group by Tracking Code (modify the tracking code on each web page):

Add a single line of code that identifies the content index number and the Content Group to which that content belongs.

  • Group Using Extraction (extract content based on URL or page title)

Use a regular expression to identify a full or partial URL, page title, or screen name.

  • Group Using Rule Definitions:

Use the rules editor to create simple rules to identify content.

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