So, last month my app got from AdMob about $3 for all the ads displayed, and for a click on an Interstitial Ad I was getting paid about $0.40.

From the start of January 2020 I noticed that the users clicked from time to time the ads but as payment for each click I was getting paid between $0.03 - 0.06, which is really low considering the fact that the impressions from each month are almost equal (1540 impressions for December 2019, 1450 impressions for January 2020).

I mention that my app has 5 activities, and in AdMob I created 5 Interstitial Ads(two of them I added this month) for each of the activities, is this thing wrong?

Is it a problem that I reload the Interstitial Ads immediately after user closes the Ad?

So am I doing something wrong here ?

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