I use AdMob to promote my apps.

Right now, in AdMob management board I have a Promote tab and it is way too easy to add a new ad by specifying an ad image of my own app and that ad will be advertised in Google's network.

Plain and simple.

enter image description here

However, I got a notification about the retiring of the Promote tab and its replacement will be the Campaigns.

I still intend to promote my own apps so I checked what to do.

I got confused as the Campaigns seem to be consisting only of lending my ad units.

I can set goals (click or percentage - I don't even understand how a percentage could help me promoting my apps...) and specify my ad units in my apps. What if I don't have an app with an ad unit? Then I can't create a campaign?

It seem, I can't continue unless I select one of my ad-containing app. Why?

enter image description here

enter image description here

Why did they take away the promotion? What should I do about this? Should I select my other apps?


Google now suggests using Adwords for paid campaigns

Paid ad campaign creation has been removed from AdMob. We suggest using AdWords, Google's online advertising programme, to create new paid ad campaigns.

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