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How exactly Inertia.js solves SEO concerns in the case of SPA?

I've just read the paragraphs under the subheading "SEO Concerns" in the article "The Ultimate Guide to Inertia.js" But I don't comprehend them. So, when Inertia is involved, the ...
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Do search engines perform JS rendering while crawling?

I have couple of websites recently created (~8 months) and Google is marking them as "Duplicate without user-selected canonical" or "Page with redirect" errors How I implemented: ...
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Nextjs Link and SEO

Nextjs Link (next/link) seems to be a client-side redirection (as in SPAs). Looking at News Website such as CNN, every time a link is clicked, a document is fetched as a Static Html and later the js ...
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How do I improve the client-rendered content for SEO?

I have a website with many links on it. Some of the links are user generated. For instance: The page will utilize the parameter to ...
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In a client-side-rendered app, some pages are successfully crawled by Googlebot while others fail to fully render. How can I get all pages to render?

The /home and /home/search pages render fine, but /home/product/ID_XYZ pages appear as just a loading icon when doing a "Live Test" in Google Search Console. There has been some flux ...
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SEO/crawlability impact of HTML Streaming

With the rise of HTML Streaming (e.g. React 18 Streaming), I'm wondering how crawlers handle HTML streams. Most importantly, do crawlers wait until the stream has ended? How does the Google crawler ...
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Will Google Searchbot SEO also crawl my content APIs? Or do I really need nextjs SSR?

I am building a social media blog react website (basically like with virtual routing. E.g if user visits react will make an API Call to my cloud function to ...
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Prerendering vs. loadtime optimization

While loadtime optimization we turn many adjusting screws, which all have different efficiency and need different afforts. Is it not better to prerender all, or most important, pages and to guarantee, ...
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what does dynamic rendering actually mean?

Let me explain the situation. Google states that we can use dynamic rendering which just means to use Puppeteer, Rendertron or So, for google bots, we return fully rendered html and for ...
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Is server side rendering a must have for good SEO for a React website?

Now I use ReactJS for my website and was wondering whether changing to server side rendering(NextJS) would impact my search engine rankings? I've tried some tools that would give your website a "...
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