I have an English language website which ranks well in its niche in North America and some other countries.

I noticed that a few pages in particular get a high portion of Spanish speaking users - mostly commenting asking for a Spanish version of this page.

I was thinking about having the few pages professionally translated, and creating additional versions of those pages in the other language. So for example, let's say the English page is:


I would translate the title and slug, as well as the content, and create another page with identical, but professionally translated content from the English version:


Again, I would be having it properly and professionally translated, so don't get hung up on this example.

Is this the best way to go about achieving the goal?

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Marking it up in sitemap:

Meta tags:

The problem is with navbar and if you use some kind of automation to "related pages", social media and all the other stuff. If it is just for a few static ones the sitemap and meta tags are sufficient.

A little more work if you want a "full website experience" instead of just a few specific articles.

  • I want to understand more about this stub. Please elaborate "A little more work if you want a "full website experience" instead of just a few specific articles." It would be really helpful as I am facing the same problem.
    – Rajat
    Jun 2, 2021 at 14:57

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