Question Background:

I've recently updated my website and republished it using Azure. This is fine and the changes have taken effect when I open and view the site from a Google search. This is the old information before the data was changed and re-published.

The Issue:

What hasn't change though is the title of the site and the summary. The following shows what differs in the results to what is in my sites title and h1 elements where this information is being rendered from.

I have requested Google to re-crawl the site through the use of the webmaster tools.

Is this delay in the data being changed normal? Is it just a case of waiting for the site to be re-crawled by Google? I deployed the site about 3 hours ago if that helps to determine the answer.

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    It can take weeks or months depending upon previous site performance- freshness, popularity in the SERPs, etc. Search engines are not real-time nor is that even possible- the Internet is so vast that it just plain takes time for changes to appear.
    – closetnoc
    Jul 10, 2015 at 22:28

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Search engine updates aren't instantaneous. In fact it can take a couple of weeks or so to be visible.

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