One thing that's always annoyed me about videos (especially tutorial videos) is that you can't search the content, either in your browser or on a search engine.

Now granted people have full transcripts of videos, but these do not work like reading a document where you can search for the text and then continue reading it where you found it, before and after. The equivalent in a video would have to be something like searching for the text and then having the text associated with a particular time point in a video. Close captioning does this to a point.

Are there any tools / APIs for proper ways of making the content of a video searchable using a search engine or the browser?


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The moment your transcript is visible in your webpages source code, Google bots find it, read it, you get the SEO credit for it so you can search the transcript content with a search engine.


  • use HTML5 tags and include transcript.
  • use Schema video object notation.
  • Include transcript using VTT file

Check this link for video SEO.

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