We've been using Google Analytics reporting for some time now and we tend to focus on GA > Conversions > Ecommerce > Transactions (on left hand menu)


  • "Transaction" listing all orders with a transaction id e.g. SESS123_name
  • "Revenue" listing €amount
  • "Tax" listing €amount
  • "Shipping" listing €amount

and finally "Quantity" we show transaction numbers.

Yesterday (and now today), we have noticed that the Quantity column numbers are doubling to what we see when we view a transaction in detail

e.g Quantity = 4 then you click on the Transaction ID and it shows = 2


How about older data? For example, the data around Dec 20 -- does it add up correctly if you look at the reports now? If they're all fine, then I'd chalk it down to a delay in processing data. Given that you don't send 'Quantity' in the transaction hit, there's no other reason I can think of to cause this difference.

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