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Long after the demise of Google Authorship, is it now both valid and viable for a document to include multiple <link rel="author"> links?

When Google Authorship was very much still a thing several years ago, the conclusion was that it was better not to include more than one <link rel="author"> on any given page. See: ...
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Combining RDFa Lite author schema and rel="author" HTML markup

Is there any way to retain the HTML rel part of the below snippet: <body vocab="" typeof="AboutPage"> <address property="author" typeof="person">Contact <a rel="...
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Did anyone experience negative SERP movement after implementing rel=author?

I am not interested in why I don't see the picture in SERPs. So I know this is borderline off-limits but I turned every stone in the web (including DDgo) trying to find anybody experiencing a worse ...
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How to implement rel=author on a page with multiple authors?

I have a forum, and I would like to add rel=author to my pages. However, each page has multiple authors, and I'm not sure how I should implement rel=author if I have multiple authors. Does anyone ...
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Figuring out rel 'me' vs. 'author' for Google Authorship

Regarding to scrolled down section ''Examples'' to the point ''1.'' to the second code line which is: <a rel="me" href="...
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"author" rel tag works on one author but not another

Here's one page I've managed to get authors set up on properly, no errors:
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rel=author and rel=me in WordPress

I came across rel=me and rel=author from joost's blog. I don't know how much value they're going to be in future for SERPS as they look more of eye candy in search than anything beneficial to surfers. ...
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