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What memory size per apache process is ridiculous?

(closetnoc, yes I come with interesting and maybe ridiculous questions, but...) I have a question. I'm trying to make my server run as wonderful as possible and I'm in the back-end. Ever since I ...
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Number of processes is maxed out after installing another WordPress add-on site

I have a website that works fine, I add a add-on domain and install another wordpress there. Now, the website says Internal Server Error and does not open both of main domain and add-on domain. ...
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Server Processes: Websites with and without database [closed]

I am on shared server and I have some limitations at "simultaneous processes". I have two websites: one which uses database and other without database (it's only HTML). Both are hosted on the same ...
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Physical memory usage issues with WordPress plugins

Occasionally, my website that's hosted with GoDaddy is crashing due to physical memory overload. My host told me that PHP processes are overloading the server, and to try to find out which WordPress ...
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What's the best workflow for creating websites fast & cheap, but that work as needed? [closed]

Have some ideas, but for now I'm going to leave it description as the question. If you have any questions, just ask -- thanks!! UPDATES: Guidelines: Workflow makes the most frequent tasks easy, ...
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Should I use mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy for MySQL database backups?

I have a WordPress blog running on a MySQL database that I want to back up regularly. Would it be better to use the mysqldump program or the mysqlhotcopy script to make backups? What are the pros and ...
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