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How does Google crawl dynamic URLs?

I'm trying to crawl my website using the google webmaster tools, but I'm curious as to if I've setup my parameters correctly. On my website I have different pages that's content is relative to a url ...
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How to delete URL parameter from Google Search Console via .htaccess?

My WordPress site, not that much huge content. Recent faced problem of High CPU bandwidth usage. Within seconds it gets 100% and the server become down. After a huge analysis, I found that in Google ...
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Google Analytics: How to remove parameters from Search Results

I have configured Google Analytics in the past hours to get more knowledge about how people come to visit my site. I now have the question wheter Google fetches these links with its parameters (e.g. ?...
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Old category pages with URL parameters

I have a problem with already indexed URLs (100k URLs). I have correct the pages with noindex and canonical tags over a month but old indexed pages aren’t removed from results. The problem is the URL ...
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How to correctly remove MULTIPLE parameters from the Google index using htaccess and canonical / noindex?

I found a similar question with a great answer for removing a single URL parameter. However, what if I have 20+ URL parameters that I don't want indexed? Also, in the example solution below, it is ...
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Is it OK for SEO and user experience to 301 redirect self-generated param URLs?

I am using a CMS which offers a wide range of options which lead to many additional special pages mainly in a way duplicating the same content as the original article. These generated pages are ...
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Should We Track an Affiliates Traffic as Medium=affiliate or =referral?

A partner sends us traffic two ways: Visitors click on a link on their site and land on ours Visitors interact with our widget on their site, eventually saving some info and clicking through to land ...
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What do the different parameters in an Amazon Associates (affiliates) URL do? (Why use the Associates interface?)

I know it's possible to turn any Amazon link into an affiliate link simply by appending your Associates tracking ID to the end of the Amazon URL, so this: becomes ...
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