I had previously used an XML Sitemap auto generator on the AIOSEO plugin but wanted to make some changes to the prioritization of some of the URLs that I could not change through the functions of the plugin, I downloaded the XML Sitemap by going to the /sitemap.xml url and right clicking and saving, opened it with Sublime and changed the priorities and re-saved it as an XML Document.

Then I turned off the auto generated sitemap and uploaded the recently saved altered sitemap with the file name sitemap.xml via FTP the the root directory of the site, this was all I thought I needed to do but upon returning to the /sitemap.xml url it brings me to my sites 404 message.

Any ideas as to why it is not working? Or have I uploaded it incorrectly

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Firstly remove all in one SEO plugin from your WordPress dashboard, Now upload the new one on the Root & Submit your updated sitemap.xml file into Google Webmaster. You All Done.

  • Managed to get it to work after deactivating AIOSEO, thanks!
    – versix
    Jan 6, 2016 at 13:17

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