I have a Azure website (let's say myapp.azurewebsites.net) that has the main site + one "beta" deployment slot that I want to set up a CNAME record for. I'd like to set up beta.myapp.com to point to myapp-beta.azurewebsites.net, however I don't get the instructions in the Azure portal:

To verify authorization, create a CNAME resource record with your DNS provider that points from either www.yourdomain.com to myapp(beta).azurewebsites.net, or from awverify.www.yourdomain.com to awverify.myapp(beta).azurewebsites.net.

As far as my DNS-provider can tell me, parenthesis is not allowed in domain names, so awverify.myapp(beta).azurewebsites.net is not a valid domain to point to. I have also tried awverify.myapp-beta.azurewebsites.net without any luck.

Have anyone here successfully done this? If so, I would appreciate some pointers...

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I found the solution by going to the old portal. The correct CNAME is awverify.beta.myapp.com => awverify.myapp-beta.azurewebsites.net.

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