I've had a feeling that my site was getting less visits than usual, and when I looked at Google Analytics in real-time as well as by operating system and mobile devices, I noticed that every single one of my visitors was from a mobile device and on my mobile site (m.ninjawarrior.info) and not a single one on the normal site (ninjawarrior.info).

I can view my desktop site just fine but my visits don't show up. I double checked that I have the right tracking code, and I do. It's placed in my <head> tag towards the bottom with other <script> tags.

Why is Google Analytics not showing desktop visits and how can I fix this problem?

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    Have you added www. as the domain to Google Analytics? since just ninjawarrior.info wouldn't be valid due to canonical links you've set. Only reason I ask is you said not a single one on the normal site (ninjawarrior.info) without mentioning www. Aug 3, 2014 at 14:00

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The biggest reason is that you are using the wrong view.

Make sure that the id in the tracking code is consistent and not -01 for mobile and -02 for desktop.

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