Can anyone advise if the following is even possible using Google Analytics?

I need to show the number of users who enter the site (on any page) but then return up the hierarchy to the home page (either immediately or after visiting other pages).

The requirement is because we've recently had our web site redesigned, but we think the navigation is confusing, and that users are "exiting" the structure to start their search again for their required product/service. We need concrete numbers facts to support this suspicion!

The closest I can get is via Audience > User Flow then manually add up how many times the / page is shown on each interaction (after Starting Pages, e.g. 2nd Interaction plus 3rd Interaction, but its a painfully slow process.

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This should at least partly work with a sequence type segment.

New segment -> Sequence

Filter by session

Step 1: page matches regexp /.+ (any page with a path longer than /)

is immediately followed by

Step 2: page exactly matches /

This would filter anybody who looks at the homepage immediately after looking at any other page, but not those who visited another page in between (you could filter by user instead of by session, but that would simply give you the returning users for the selected timeframe).

  • That's a big step in the right direction, thank you @Eike. If I change is immediate followed by to is followed by would that show all users who eventually ended up back at the first page after a few other pages (which is actually what I need, and would further highlight "lost" visitors)?
    – EvilDr
    Jun 25, 2014 at 7:16

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