I have a WordPress site. I have created 4 different versions of the home page, and created a Google experiment to equally distribute traffic between the 5 pages (including the original home page). I want to track that users entered their email, and clicked signup. After signup, they are redirected to a thank you page.

Now, the flow from 3 pages is - signup and redirect. On the other 2 pages, user is given an option of "Find More", taken to a page where the user can signup and redirected to the same thank you page.

I have created a goal, with destination URL being the thank you page, and original home page the first required step. Is this sufficient?

How should I track the signups? Eventually, I want a report which can show me number of visits on each variation and number of signups from each variation.

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Defining one goal is fine. You don't need separate goals for each page.

What you do need to do is tag the traffic that lands on these pages. There are a couple ways to do it:


If this is traffic that is coming in a different site, have it land on these pages with utm parameters in the URL. Use the Google Analytics URL builder to build a URL with the proper parameters. Then the traffic will appear in the "Aquisition -> Campaigns" report and you will be able to view it differently by the different utm parameters you used for each page.


If this is traffic that is originating on your site, you'll want to use the Google Analytics experiments feature. This allows you to create different versions of a page, serve them up randomly to whoever visits this page, and track how your goals perform against the different versions.

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