I have a video section on the website that includes all the videos that the company produces. We did it for the following:

  • Increase the media presence to rank for videos.
  • Rank for more keywords. Make a library on our website.

After 2 years I found that there is no major impact from it. Do you think it's better to keep it, optimize it, or remove it?

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Based on my experience having only one page with all the videos it make the page load slower, and that's not positive. Loading time matters! Here is a sample I did so you know what exactly I mean.

If I have this case, I will create a blog post with transcripts for each video.This will give you topical authority for your industry for sure.

Here is a blog I wrote for Dental SEO Pricing (Sample)

Just make sure the video is always above the fold on mobile, so you don't get Google Search Console warning about the posts.

Once you have a list of blog post links, then you can create a library with a complete list of links, or maybe added on your home page if you feel are important and relevant for your industry.

It will be beneficial for your SEO efforts and you will be ranking and covering more topics and keywords naturally.

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