I installed the SSH Terminal extention so that my customers can have access to SSH without giving them remote SSH access. When I (under admin or the customer) open up the SSH terminal, the terminal is blank and a "broken connection" error pops up. Now my remote SSH terminal (through putty) works just fine and so does my WinSCP (both using ssh),

I checked /etc/ssh/sshd_config tried enabling "PermitRootLogin" then restarting sshd, nothing changed not sure what else to check or try. Bear in mind that my remote ssh was working under root with that commented out.

System Information:

Server: OS: CentOS 7

Plesk Version: Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition Version 18.0.43 Update #1

Will update further if troubleshooting is requested or logs requested:


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Found I was missing the following lines from the panel.ini file

rootAccessAllowed = true

Immediately fixed the issue.

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