I am developing a website which has 6-7 translations, the client owns the top level domain (.fr, .de, etc.) and wants to use these domains to direct users to the gTLD subfolder. I will be using Hreflang tags on the pages, but am wondering if there will be negative consequences from the redirects?

  • Can you explain why you want to use the ccTLDs in addition to the gTLD? There may be some negatives, but it depends what you're hoping to achieve.
    – GDVS
    Dec 13 '19 at 17:04

Redirects from one domain to another will have no effect on SEO unless you are enacting a Change of Address.

So, buying a new domain and pointing it at your existing website will have zero impact on your SEO.

Having a website, which has built up authority and PageRank for its content and backlinks, then being moved onto another website (using 301 redirects and announcing a Change of Address through Google Search Console) will transfer some of that authority and PageRank to the website you're redirecting to.

Why? Because Google doesn't index redirects themselves. So, a new domain which automatically redirects to another site isn't going to attract the spiders' attention. It won't be linked to; because aside from nobody wanting to link to an address that just redirects you, how are people going to know about these new domains?

That's not to say it might not be useful. You can certainly advertise these URLs through other formats where the ccTLD might be more memorable to end users, or even encouraging for them to visit (people do expect localised content to be more relevant to them).

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