I am working on SEO for a client who has 15,000 products She sells Letters A-Z for home decoration. Each Product is different in some way than the other. Each product page title starts with the word {Letter} and {A-Z}. Our issues is her website is not ranking well on google search engine.

My main question is: Would seo improve if we put design # on the end of the title. Here is what I what mean.

Title Now:

Letter A

Changed Title To:

Letter A Design #1234

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I would reduce the number of pages.

Imagine you have:

  • I would redirect www.example.com/products/letterstyle1/a.php (b.php, c.php, etc) to www.example.com/products/letterstyle1.php (*)
  • I would redirect www.example.com/products/letterstyle2/a.php (b.php, c.php etc) to www.example.com/products/letterstyle2.php ...

You'll end up with 577 (ish) product pages instead of 15000.

On those product pages, you can still show pictures of all A-Z letters in that style. Add the option to add the letters your visitors want to buy in that style to their shopping cart on that page. Add a description of the style on each of your new product pages.

(*) I'd actually use a more descriptive filename than letterstyle1.php.

  • Thank you WebPro Sam. One quick question is this something the customer should be able to see or this more internal website structure. What I mean is.. if the customer goes on the homepage should there be a nested category of letterstyle{N} or is this just for seo structure? Where the customer does not have the option to click on a nested category?
    – ben olsen
    Apr 9, 2019 at 19:39

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