I've got a website that sells different kinds of industrial belts. It features a collection of products we sell and information about those products. Our website doesn't have a store and the primary way of getting hold of a product is via phone and the second way is filling the requirement forms laid out at different places throughout the website.

Originally, our website was optimized for gaining traffic from country A. Now, I want to expand our reach to surrounding countries B, C, and D. While the content will change a bit, most of it will remain the same, including the products we sell while focusing on SEO for these countries.

Let's say one of the landing pages targeting country A has the title "Industrial Belts in Country A."

Now, I want the same product to be served for country B. Will it be okay if I set the title to be "Industrial Belts in Country B" or will it cause a keyword cannibalization problem?

If yes, then what is the alternate course of option?

It's worth noting that while the target country changes, the language is supposed to remain the same.

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    How are you targeting different parts of your site to different countries? Are you using different country code domain names? Are you using subdomains of your main domain and setting targeting options in Google Search Console? Are you using hreflang? Sep 8 at 9:11
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    @StephenOstermiller although I've considered using these options (using hreflang, using subdomains), much of the content will remain the same. So, I figure a simple landing page for each country should do the trick. I'm going to use the most-selling product from our portfolio for that particular country in the title. Sep 8 at 14:32

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