I have ordered a blog article for my website, which has been written by someone else. Now I've received the text from the original author, but I'm a little bit concerned about if he has copied the content from other websites, which will have a quite negative SEO result for me.

My question is: How can I be sure, that he has not copied the ordered content from somewhere else? Is there some kind of tool or something? Thank you.

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    There are some tools around - search for "website plagiarism". Most are free and limited. We had a commercial one but decided to abandon it. To do it yourself, go through the text and choose some distinctive phrases, then search on Google/etc for them. – winwaed Feb 26 at 15:36
  • In addition to what @winwaed said, here are a bunch of search operators you can use to refine your searches: moz.com/learn/seo/search-operators – Henry Visotski Feb 26 at 16:08
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    -----------------> https://www.copyscape.com/ <----------------- – Simon Hayter Feb 26 at 16:24
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    And again, in addition to what @winwaed mentioned with regards to searching Google. Wrap double quotes around the phrase to search for to enable an exact match, otherwise Google will search for the words contained in the phrase, not necessarily the phrase as a whole. eg. "phrase to search for" – DocRoot Feb 27 at 10:31