"@context": "http://schema.org",
"@type": "NewsArticle",
"articleBody":"The body of my article."

Can I do it? I saw on Schema.org that articleBody is property of Article.

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For a Schema.org type, you can use all properties that are listed in the first (not the second!) table of the type page.

As articleBody is specified in the first table on the NewsArticle page, you can use it.

How it works

A property has a domain which says on which type(s) it can be used. For the articleBody property, it says:

Used on these types

A type can have parent and children types. A type always inherits all properties from all of its parent types. For the NewsArticle type, the parent types are:

Thing > CreativeWork > Article

So a NewsArticle is also an Article, which is why articleBody can be used.

(more details about all this)


As you are told to unor you can use this property, however ...

Your specified markup is JSON-LD. If you install this property there, then you practically duplicate the content of your article in JSON-LD. It can be assumed that the article is the main content of the web page and occupies a large part of the web page. Thus, you double the source code of the web page, which will have a negative impact on the speed of loading the web page for mobile users. But, this is the search rank signal for Google.

In addition, there is simply no place in the SERP to show the whole body of the article as an rich result. Probably for this reason, Google does not support this property.

It can be assumed that the use of this property can only have an indirect negative impact on your web pages but not help with attracting organic traffic and target users.

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