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How should I diagnose "too many redirects" error for some clients when I see "200 OK?"

I have some unusual behaviour with a wordpress page and the redirects, but I'm not sure what exactly is happening. I'm not allowed to mention the real domain here in public as the project is under ...
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How to avoid multiple redirects in a Content Management System (CMS) agnostic way?

I need HTTPS for security and because it's a browser standard and I need a CNAME DNS record and a www wildcard redirect in my .htaccess file for a certain CDN. I get about 2 seconds delay in a Google ...
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2 votes
0 answers

On Netlify, how do I redirect a URL wildcard to that parent directory?

I have URLs I want to redirect to their parent folder/directory: /hats-category/hats1 /hats-category/hats2 /hats-category/cool-hats Rule looks like this: /hats-category/* /hats-category So I can ...
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Installing WordPress with /wp path leads to redirect loop when index.html redirects to a shopping cart

So on my site, my shopping cart is located at I use this .htaccess file RewriteEngine On Redirect /index.html So that anyone that lands on will be ...
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WordPress multisite ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS where the domain name ends up in the path for nonexistent pages

I have a WordPress multisite setup with subdomains. I have pointed five subdomains to it. I have also installed SSL to main domain and the other subdomains. I have written the below Redirect code for ...
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