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After replacing all tables in an old website with divs, what other steps should I take?

I have designed a website a few years back, and it ranks pretty well, customer is happy, no problems there. I took one of the pages and replaced manually all the tables with <div>, used ...
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If CSS is getting better why do big-brands websites still use tables for layout?

Everybody is referring to how content should be separated from layout and I am one strong advocate of that architecture, I find it easy too to use CSS to layout, much much easier than tables, But ...
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Lining things up while using columns

I have a request that may not be possible. I'd like to line up the elements of a form so that the inputs all start at the same place: Name: [ ] ...
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How to support tableless columns with WYSIWYG editor?

On the front page of a site I'm working on there's a small slideshow. It's not for pictures in particular, any content can go in, and I'm currently setting up the editing interface for the client. I'd ...
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