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How to add something crawlable to JavaScript links in order to satisfy Google Lighthouse

I'm doing some Google lighthouse analysis on my site and the tool is complaining about our "add to cart" links. We use a pre-fab PayPal cart system called Vibracart, which is great but is ...
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2 answers

How to index pages with tabs for SEO

I have a page with five tabs. The page will load with the first tab opened. The remaining tabs are only visible by clicking the respective tabs; these contents are not loaded with AJAX and are ...
4 votes
1 answer

Separate URLs on tabbed content - good or bad for SEO?

I am building a site that lists shops. Each shop page has two tabs: shop info and reviews. It's one page, with jQuery hiding/showing the right portion of the content. From a purely SEO point of view, ...
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Are many tabs in one page, or many HTML pages better for SEO?

I have an SEO question that concerns views with tabs or pills. Underneath each of those tabs or pills, there is some extra content. Should I use one HTML page with those, or should I create own HTML ...
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Best way to let Google index page with tabs - SEO

Let' say I have a /pets page with 4 tabs on it: All Dogs Cats Owls The All tab displays all the pets on page load. Each of the 3 other tabs holds a list of dogs/cats/owls, respectively - loaded ...
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Will using tabs with JavaScript (jQuery) hurt my SEO because of crawlability?

I have a page with tabs like this: See how there are 3 tabs? Only the content from one of them shows up when the user lands on the page, ...
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Can tabs of content be made SEO friendly?

My customers are eager to show news categorized in tabs. I recently developed it for them. In my experience in web designing, display:none is used widely in implementing tabs. I also know that it is ...
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