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Expired domain hijacked - recommended action?

I have a (non-technical) client who let their .org domain expire, and it has since been bought by a squatter. They own the .com domain and currently use that as their primary domain. The client is a ...
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Google search rankings hijacked by [duplicate]

hopefully somebody can help with this query I have a domain name and if I do a Google search for "maine valley properties" one of the top results is this domain Cutestat is some crappy ...
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Google Webmaster Tool says I have malware, but it doesn't show the urls

So, I have a website hosting various freeware software for Windows (all clean): GWT says I have malware but it doesn't report any records: I have already tried to submit a "request a review" but each ...
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How to disallow HTTP 302 redirects from another site to mine

Is there any way to disallow referral 302 redirect traffic coming to to my site from other sites? People are trying to HIJACK my SERP with 302 Redirect HIJACK method.
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Defunct website taken over by spammer. How to stop them?

A friend of mine used to publish a small literary fiction magazine, both in print and on the web. In 2011 she announced that she was quitting, put a note on the website, and carefully unwound the ...
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domain name hijacked by my hosting provider with dubious invoicing practice

Over 12 months ago I purchased a domain name and hosting package from a hosting company. Before the 12 months was up i was sent a single invoice for the same amount as I had paid for the preceding 12 ...
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my website redirected by someone else

First of all i cant find true forum to post ,but i need a very quick help. I have registered a domain name with godaddy couple of days ago , but today, after i post my domain name for appraisal, it ...
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My Google result is displaying incorrect URL

We had our website as .php for 3 years, and recently it has been getting hacked, and just switched to an ASP.NET CMS template I wrote from scratch as it is more secure and should prevent these issues. ...
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DNS hijack - prevention tips

Over the weekend it looks like the DNS was hijacked on two of my domains. My set up is I have the sites registered on, with dns nameservers pointing to Hostgator in the US where the ...
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