Google Analytics append string is stripped off due to angular hash (#) bounce.

when you click on it this link sub.f.org/fff/sign-up/plan, the following actions occurs:

  1. a link appears in browser as sub.f.org/fff/sign-up/plan
  2. the link changes immediately to add #: sub.f.org/#/fff/sign-up/plan
  3. the link returns to original state sub.f.org/fff/sign-up/plan

This action is almost like a redirect, which is why the GA append string is stripped.

I am using angular 1.3 and ngRoute angular module for routing (inherting code from developer worked before me, I am no expert on angular) and using $locationProvider.html5Mode(true); which causes the # to hide.

This breaks google analytics. I do not wish to use other available ngAnalytics or other modules. I wish to have solution within the angular environment.

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