I need put some hidden text between my normal text.

I do it like this:

<p>  some text <span class="hide"> hidden text </span>  some text </p>


But I worried about bad effect on search engine. how can I hide it without bad effect?

note: I need the hidden text be readble for search engine and print for rss readers...


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Partiz, I'm afraid what you want done is just not possible. See:


Also, if you must have hidden text, then to somewhat minimize bad SEO effects, make a separate page with all the hidden text you want and in the source code of that page, include the following between <head> and </head>:

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX">

Also add the following to all anchor tags that link to your rendition of hidden text:


Depending on how the hidden text is used, make sure users are aware of anything sneaky you do. For example, if your hidden text suddenly appears on a page in the middle of the page after looking at it for five seconds, then at least put a warning about it on the previous page the user looked at.

I'm not sure if anyone will have a better answer than what I can provide here, but the reality is, search engines don't like sneaky acts on websites.

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