I need to create some new content which is the user getting their request routed to another site w/o them needing to know the ugly final URL. The user URL needs to be the simple easy to recall string, for example, example.com/snappy.

So, I need to have a URL such as http://example.com/snappy redirect to something like https://example.org/64g9sd3k96bhse38gmjdute.html. If I were to use the technique I have used in the past I would create /snappy/index.html on the example.com system:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=https://example.org/64g9sd3k96bhse38gmjdute.html">

In this case though, I have a new situation where my example.com is hosted on cloversites.com which has "Websites made for people not programmers." They have such a canned system that the index.html cannot be created with the meta tag. I do have servers that can host web pages. I cannot move the existing cloversites.com content at this time.

I am looking for an out-of-the-box solution until all of the existing content can be moved in house.


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Can you use javascript anywhere on the page?


The options for creating a redirect from a specific document are:

  • Create a document in that location and use a meta refresh tag.
  • Edit the server configuration files such as .htaccess and put a redirect directive in

If the host that you are using does not provide any functionality for those, then you are out of luck.

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