In my spam check I don't accept comments which contain a http:// or https://.

But many spam I'm getting are specifying this in HTML:

<a href="www.example.com" .....

Can this link be considered as valid by Google for SEO rankings? Since some links like this are able to sneak into my sites.


If that link were in a web page it would be a relative link. If it were on http://somesite.com it would refer to http://somesite.com/www.example.com -- broken link.

In many email clients, links like this may work because the links are opened in a browser and the browser has no context to make the link relative. Its unclear whether links like that would work with web mail clients (maybe some of them add the http:// before displaying it).

As far as SEO goes, formatting links like that on a website would cause broken links which would hurt SEO rather than help it.

  • It is more important how Google sees it since link mistakingly passed through my moderation could be a spammed site in view of Google and my site will be penalized for linking to it. Thanks for your answer. – AgA Jul 1 '13 at 16:34

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